Purchase 'Angels Beyond the Abyss' to raise funds

'There are Angels out there Beyond the Abyss!

Help Young Diggers raise funds towards providing on-going programmes and to help keep our website running.

In collaboration with Francis Edwards, we are now selling a copy of his wonderful album 'Angels Beyond the Abyss'. Francis has kindly donated 100 copies of his CD towards these projects.

The cost of the CDs will be A$26.50 each including postage.

$15.00 will go towards 2010 Christmas gifts
$10.00 towards our website
$1.20 postage in Australia only

The CD has 18 tracks, includes 6 guest singers, one of which is Little Pattie, and part two of the album is mostly Vietnam war reference. The album has been taken into both Music Australia through the National library and will also become part of the National Film and Sound Archive. This album also introduces the Vietnam Veteran Community Singers that perform under the group name of 'Veteran Soul'.

You can hear one of the tracks 'A Hero's Legacy' on our 'Memorial to our Fallen' page. Hear two additional tracks from the album by selecting the following links:

Help us to show these young widows/partners and their children that we are family, we really do care and we will not forget. Help us to keep our website running for you.

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Young Diggers - Angels Beyond the Abyss
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