Community nursing services

Community nursing is the provision of nursing services to you (as an eligible verteran), in your own home to meet a clinical and/or personal care need.DVA contracts with community nursing providers to deliver these services.

To receive personal care services from a community nursing provider, you needs must be greater than 1 hour and 30 minutes per week. If your need is less than that, and you do not require any nursing services to meet a clinical need, the personal care services may be delivered under the Veterans' Home Care (VHC) programme.

Your doctor, treating doctor in hospital, a hospital discharge planner or a VHC assessment agency can arrange for your to receive as assessment for community nursing care from a contracted community nursing provider.

If you have a gold card, DVA will pay for all community nursing services that you require to meet an assessed clinical and/or personal care need.

If you have a white card, DVA will pay for the community nursing services that you are assessed as requiring which are associated with:

  • an accepted disability
  • malignant cancer, pulmonary tuberculosis or post traumatic stress disorder, anxiety disorder and depression, if DVA has granted treatment benefits for these conditions
    • treatment benefits for these conditions will be granted if DVA is provided with a confirmed diagnosis from a suitably qualified medical practitioner
    • treatment for these conditions are granted whether or not they have been accepted as being causally related to eligible VEA service

DVA has a fact sheet HSV16 which describes how you can access community nursing services, if your doctor thinks it necessary.

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