Dental services

Dental services involve the prevention and treatment of oral disease and include general dental services, the filling and crowning of teeth and the construction of dentures.

Under the Local Dental Officer (LDO) Scheme, registered dental practitioners apply to become an LDO and agree to provide a range of dental services to you under the Repatriation Commission health carer arrangements.

Gold card

If you are a gold card holder and you have a clinical need, DVA will pay for most dental services, such as fillings, dentures and examinations, at no cost to you. Some items are subject to an annual mometary limit or prior approval arrangements.

White card

If you are a white card holder, DVA will pay for relevant dental services if you have a relevant dental accepted disability and you are receiving dental treatment related to accepted car-caused disabilities, or malignant neoplasia involving oral tissues. Prior approval is required.

You can make an appointment with your dentist to receive dental treatment without a referral from your doctor.

You may also make an appointment with a dental prosthetist without a referral from your doctor or dentist.

The number of services you can have is dependent on your clinical circumstances and eligibility. For example, you can receive new full or partial dentures every eight years if clinically necessary. However, an annual monetary limit applies to some services, for example, bridges and crowns.

DVA has a fact sheet HSV17 which describes how you can access dental services.

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