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Young Diggers Dog Squad Training

NOTE: All PAT are to be booked via Brisbane office only contact

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A Min of 75% of training classes must be attanded each month to maintain your L Jacket, failure to do so can result in you being asked to return your Jacket and ID Card.


Some General Conditions

If for any reason you mistreat your dog (regardless of whether the dog was supplied by yourself or Young Diggers) or you fail to train it in this program, Young Diggers will remove the dog from your care and report it to the RSPCA. If we supplied the dog remains the property of Young Diggers until it completes it's full PAT testing. We may also request the return of the dog if you do not complete its training. - you must carry your vet card with you at all times and your dog's health checks and injections must be up to date.


Please enjoy the program and your dog. Remember to share your good times with us on Facebook.



Individual Training Record Entry

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