Guide for parents and carers

Young Diggers is supporting children, young people and families during periods of deployment and at home. The information in this booklet can be used as a guide when your digger is deployed, and also as a guide for every day living.

Military families know that being in the Australian or New Zealand Defence Forces is not a routine day-to-day job. Deployment is what the services train and prepare for; it is at the heart of what they do.

Deployment and separation (during exercises and other times) brings special challenges for those left at home. It affects family life and tests our ability to cope with change. But change is a fact of life; everyone responds differently and manages in their own way.

Most families cope very well and find they grow stronger as a result of their experiences. This booklet has been prepared to help a very wide range of people, including parents and children themselves.

Each deployment and separation brings with it new challenges. We look at the issues for children and families during each stage.

If you have any questions regarding deployment and separation and need assistance click here to tell us 'What's up?' or to give us a call

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