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DSNSG services are available to all serving and ex-serving personnel and their families


Apart from the Defence Special Needs Support Group and Young Diggers, there are also many people within the ADF that may be able to assist you and provide support and advice to you and your family.

Section or Unit

You are encouraged to flag your special needs with unit management. This can be done by applying for "recognition of special needs. As well as submitting appropriate documentation verifying the "special needs", the process involves a number of steps, including a formal interview and assessment by local DCO staff, a recommendation by the CO and then consideration by the approving authority.

Please contact the Defence Community Organisation or the DSNSG for more information.

The recognition of special needs is only required to be done once and is kept on the member’s file. Please remember that on subsequent postings, if you apply for assistance, you may be required to verify the accuracy of the details contained in the original application.

In many cases section commanders/unit commanders and COs can assist in solving problems providing they have been made aware of them. It is your responsibility to notify all appropriate people regarding the special needs in your family.


Chaplains are responsible for the spiritual and pastoral care of you and your family. Chaplains can also assist with personal and inter-personal matters, marital problems and other concerns.

DCO Uniformed Staff

Uniformed DCO staff members work with members and their families and liaise with unit commanders. They can also provide specialist military advice and assistance in areas such as service conditions.

Family Information Network for Defence (FIND)

FIND is a free confidential phone service that provides easy access to personnel information on ADF policy, allowances and conditions, or on matters of everyday interest or concern. Telephone 1800 020 031

Housing Officer

The Housing Officer is the point of contact for information on housing entitlements and assistance. It is important that you state any special requirements that you may have when you apply for a MQ and that this is done as soon as you have received your posting notification. Remember to apply to have your "special needs" recognised. The Director General Defence Community Organisation is the approving authority.

Special requirements may include:

  • location - to be near where appropriate schooling or therapy exists;
  • low level house - for epilepsy, or physical disabilities/impairments;
  • wheelchair access; or
  • other requirements

If the MQ needs to be modified for your approved special needs, then please discuss this with the Housing Officer. 

If you have any questions regarding special needs for a child or dependant and need assistance click here to tell us 'What's up?' or to give us a call

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