Private Jacob Kovco

2006 died in Iraq

He was married to Shelley and was a proud father of two young children, Tyrie and Alana.
Details of Australian Soldier Killed in Iraq. Private Jacob (Jake) Bruce Kovco was born in Melbourne and grew up in Victoria. He realised his life-long ambition when he enlisted in the Australian Regular Army on 26 March 2002.

After successfully completing the recruit training course he was selected for Infantry Corps and was posted to the School of Infantry, Singleton in May 2002.

Jake completed infantry basic training and was selected for service in the 3rd Battalion, the Royal Australian Regiment (3RAR), Australia's only parachute infantry battalion.

At 3RAR he served in a range of positions as a rifleman, heavy weapons operator and was a member of the highly trained sniper section.

He was a highly qualified soldier who had completed a number of specialist courses in his four years of service. In October 2005 he was selected to deploy to Iraq as a member of the Security Detachment (SECDET) in Baghdad.

Only ten percent of the unit was selected for this mission which was eagerly sought after by all soldiers in the Battalion.

During his time in Baghdad he demonstrated a high level of devotion to duty and professionalism. He was a valued member of his team and is sorely missed, not only for his skills and professionalism, but also as a mate and comrade in arms.

Private Kovco died in hospital surrounded by his mates, draped in an Australian flag with a paratrooper's beret on his chest as his mates said the Lord's Prayer.

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