Local Medical Officer (LMO)

A Local Medical Officer (LMO), commonly know as a family doctor or General Practitioner, provides medical care to eligible members of the veteran community under an agreement with DVA.

You can contact your LMO to receive medical treatment. Please ensure you take your gold or white card when you visit your LMO, and present your card at your appointment.

Gold card

If you are a gold card holder, DVA will pay for medical services available through DVA arrangements that meet your clinical needs.

White card

If you are a white card holder, DVA will pay for medical services that are required because of:

  • an accepted disability
  • or malignant cancer, pulmonary tuberculosis or post traumatic stress disorder, anxiety disorder or depression if DVA has granted treatment benefits for these conditions
    • treatment benefits for these conditions will be granted if DVA is provided with a confirmed diagnosis from a suitably qualified medical practitioner
    • treatment benefits for these conditions are granted whether or not they have been accepted as being causally related to eligible VEA service

If your docotr is registered with DVA under the Repatriation Comprehensive Care Scheme, they will:

  • provide necessary prescriptions and referrals
  • conduct regular reviews of your medication and treatment
  • coordinate all your health services
  • prepare a health care plan, health assessment or case conference for you under certain conditions
  • in some cases, perform acupuncture

Generally, the only medical services an LMP may arrange or provide for you are those listed on the Medicare Benefits Schedule, but exceptions can be made in special circumstances.

If you require further treatment, your LMO may refer you to a number of other practitioners. Your LMO will bill DVA direct for any care provided to you.

DVA has a fact sheet HSV80 which describes how you can access LMO services.

If you have any questions regarding medical services and need assistance click here for 'Help!' or to give us a call

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