Lance Corporal Jared Mackinney

2010 killed in Afghanistan

Statement from the family of Lance Corporal Jared Mackinney

The following statement is being released at the request of the family of Lance Corporal Jared MacKinney, who was tragically killed in a fire-fight whilst on patrol in Afghanistan.

Jared was a much loved member of a very large extended family who remember him in many ways as a loving husband and father, and treasured son and brother.

His wife Beckie said in Jared's eyes their three year-old daughter Annabell, his little princess, could do no wrong.

"Jared was a very loving Dad, a doting father, and nothing meant more to him than family. He was really the best husband and we shared the most amazing eleven years together."

Beckie and Jared's second child is due shortly, and Beckie said Jared had been looking forward to "meeting his little man" who would have been five weeks old when he returned.

Jared joined the Air Force Cadets at Amberley as a youngster and was named the Most Outstanding Cadet one year.

Jane, his mother, said Jared was patriotic and a dedicated soldier who was realistic about the risks.

"He was very competitive with himself and set very high personal standards.

"He played representative hockey for New South Wales when he was younger, but when he moved to Queensland took up rugby league. He was a passionate supporter of Canterbury Bulldogs," Jane said.

Jared's Father-in-law, David, nicknamed him "Crash" at their first meeting, a name that quickly became a term of endearment in the family and the name he was known by to all his mates.

"Jared was a warm, caring and very selfless man who loved his whole family, he was a dedicated family man," he said.


MSPA 380/10
Wednesday, 25 August 2010

Australian mentor killed in action in insurgent fire-fight

An Australian soldier, operating as a mentor to the Afghan National Army during a partnered patrol in the Deh Rawud region, has been killed in action during an intense fire-fight with Taliban insurgents.

The soldier was conducting a dismounted patrol yesterday morning (24 August 2010 – Afghanistan time) in the “green zone” when they were fired on by a number of insurgents. The Australian soldier was killed in the engagement.

The soldier’s colleagues moved him out of danger and provided first aid. However, his patrol mates were unable to sustain his life.

The patrol remained in contact with the Taliban insurgents for almost three hours before withdrawing from the area. An ISAF AH-64 Apache helicopter used its 30mm cannon while additional support was called from a precision-guided weapon to provide support during the engagement.

The Chief of the Defence Force, Air Chief Marshal Angus Houston, said the deepest sympathies and prayers of the Defence community were with the soldier’s family.

“Their loved one was lost in the service of our nation, and we will bring him home and lay him to rest with dignity and respect. And we will help this family as they grieve,” Air Chief Marshal Houston said.

“This past month has been a trying time for the soldiers of the Mentoring Task Force. As they farewelled their colleagues - Privates Grant Kirby and Tomas Dale from Tarin Kot yesterday, news of the death of this soldier was coming through.

“All operational deaths are tragic events and impact on our soldiers. But they have a mission and will press on, in honour of their fallen mates and in the knowledge that their contribution was for a worthy cause.

“This soldier was providing valuable mentoring and training to soldiers of the Afghan National Army’s 4th Brigade when the incident occurred. He was making a real contribution to the capability of the Afghan soldiers as well as providing security and protection for the Afghan people.”

The soldier’s family have been advised and they have specifically requested that his name is not released at this point.

As operations in this region are ongoing, Defence is not able to disclose further information at this time as it could endanger the safety of Australian and Afghan soldiers.

21 Australian soldiers have been killed in action since operations in Afghanistan began. 149 soldiers have been wounded in combat during this period.

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