Memorial to our Fallen

They give their lives so others might be free
and we cherish their last gift to all mankind.
We're duty bound to guard their legacy
and embrace the dearest loved ones
these heroes leave behind.

Remember me!

You are listening to 'A Hero's Legacy' by Francis Edwards.

Francis is one of only two professional Australian recording artists conscripted for national service in the 1960s and sent to complete a combat tour of duty during the Vietnam War. He now actively promotes the needs of veterans through his mounting body of subject specific songs.
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Thank you for your service my young friends

Thank you for your service guys - your presence does make a difference in the world. Sadly, there will always be those who seek to confine, imprison and abuse the human rights of their fellow man. It is the liberating soldier who brings an end to tyranny in the world. Thank you for your choice of career!


Thank you Francis for your beautiful tribute in song to our brave soldiers & to their families. Your words strengthen us. PatriciaE

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