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DSNSG services are available to all serving and ex-serving personnel and their families


Child Disability Allowance

This allowance helps you to care for a child with a disability or one that needs a lot more daily care and attention than a child without a disability would. It recognises a child’s disability and its impact on the family. The Child Disability Allowance is a non-taxable non-means tested allowance.

Domiciliary Nursing Care Benefit

This is a payment made to people caring for frail aged people or people with a disability who require nursing at the level provided in a nursing home. It may be paid in addition to the Carer Payment. This benefit is non-taxable and non- means tested.

Carer Allowance

The Carer Allowance merges the two above payments into one common benefit.

Disability Support Pension

This allowance may be available to people who are unable to work full time, or be retrained for work for at least two years because of a physical, psychiatric or intellectual disability. There are other eligibility criteria, so please check with Centrelink.

Carer Payment

Carer Payment is an income support payment for carers who, because of the demands of their caring role, are unable to support themselves through work. It is income and assets tested and the person for whom you are caring must be over 16 years of age and need full-time help with personal care because of a severe physical, intellectual or psychiatric disability, or meet other criteria. Carer Payment is also available to a person who provides constant care to:

  • a child under 16 years with profound disabilities,
  • an adult with moderate care needs, as well as caring or supervising a dependant child of that adult.

Mobility Allowance

This allowance may be paid to people aged 16 years or over who because of their disability cannot use public transport without substantial help, either permanently or for an extended period of time. Claimants must be either working (paid or voluntary), training for work, or looking for work.

There are many other Government allowances which also may assist you, particularly if you have a disability / special need and are looking at employment aspects.

Service Welfare Trust Funds

Each of the Services offer low interest general loans to assist you in many ways. For more information please contact FIND, or the Chaplain.

If you have any questions regarding special needs for a child or dependant and need assistance click here to tell us 'What's up?' or to give us a call

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