Relaxation of replacement medals policy due to recent natural disasters

Amongst the devastation caused by the recent natural disasters including the Queensland and Victorian floods, Cyclone Yasi and the Perth bushfires, items of great personal value such as service medals can be lost, damaged or stolen.

The Australian Government recognises the importance that these awards represent to the members who earned them and the families who treasure them.

On 10 February 2011, the Parliamentary Secretary for Defence, Senator the Hon David Feeney, announced that the Government will relax the policy on the replacement of posthumous medals to enable those lost during these recent disasters, to be replaced.

If your Service medals or those of a deceased relative were lost, stolen or damaged beyond repair as a direct result of these disasters, you may apply to the Directorate of Honours and Awards for a replacement.

If your application concerns the posthumous replacement of medals, please visit the Defence website at and complete the Application for the Replacement of Posthumous Service Awards due to Natural Disasters.

Current serving members are advised to complete application form AD808 Application for the Issue of Replacement Medals and/or Clasps to enable their own medals to be replaced.

Applicants should be aware that Defence is only able to replace medals dating back to World War I. Medals for conflicts prior to this war are no longer in production. Further, Defence is only able to replace original medals. Replica medals purchased on a commercial basis cannot be replaced.

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