If your doctor considers you require oxygen, he or she will need to refer you to the appropriate specialist, eg. Thoracic Physician, unless you are in a remote area where access to such a specialist is not practical.

Your Thoracic Physician, Cardiologist, Physician, or Oncologist can arrange for you to receive oxygen in your home, if it is medically necessary. The need for oxygen is based on the amount of oxygen in your blood and is determined in line with the guidelines published by the Thoracic Society of Australia and New Zealand.

If your requirements meet the guidelines, and you are eligible to be treated at DVA's expense, then your prescribing physician will arrange with a DVA contracted oxygen supplier to provide you with home medical oxygen under the RAP Scheme for as long as the clinical need for treatment exists.

If your requirements do not meet the guidelines and you are eligible to be treated at DVA expenses, your prescription will be forwarded to DVA where their departmental Medical Advisers will review the prescription and discuss a course of action with your prescribing physician.

DVA has a fact sheet HSV24 which describes how you can access oxygen supplies, if your specialist thinks it necessary.

If you have any questions regarding oxygen services and need assistance click here for 'Help!' or to give us a call

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