Post-deployment - Combating alcohol and drug problems

On returning from operations it can be all too easy to become reliant on alcohol and other substances. Freed from any restrictions on alcohol consumptions it can be an attractive option to over-indulge on a regular basis.

Many service personnel when interviewed about the reasons for excessive alcohol or drug use will claim: ‘It helps me sleep’; ‘It blocks out bad memories’; ‘It helps me feel that I fit in’; and ‘It helps me have fun’.

Whilst some will think these are good reasons for excessive drinking (or even substance abuse) there are far better and more valid reasons for reducing your intake or stopping altogether.

  • Drug taking is not tolerate in the Defence Force and, if you are tested and found to have taken drugs, the consequences are very serious indeed
  • Over-indulgence in alcohol/drug taking will, most likely, ruin relationships with spouses, partners, families, friends and colleagues
  • You are letting yourself and your colleagues down
  • You will lose control and at the very least embarrass yourself whilst under the effect of drink or drugs
  • There will be a detrimental impact on your health

If you find yourself increasingly dependant on alcohol or drugs you must do something about it. The Defence Force should continue to support you as long as you seek help and heed the advice given to you.

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