Post-deployment: Tips for families and friends

Allow your returning digger to acclimatise at his or her own pace

You may become impatient with the pace of your diggers transition. Remain calm, if you become re-active you will not help the situation and may add to your diggers stress levels.

Attend social functions with your spouse or partner

Support your spouse or partner by joint attendance and be aware there maybe tension in attending large non-military social functions. You can help his or her feelings of comfort or safety by discussing the event in some detail. Be aware some people may ask your spouse or partner inappropriate questions (eg. Did you kill anyone?, why are you back?, etc). Be prepared to deflect such questions and support your spouse or partner at these important times.

Use your own family community connections

Help your spouse or partner to participate in the local community by using your own family resources and community connections.

Take care of yourself

Make sure you are focusing on your own needs as well as those of your digger. Keep up your connections with others (family, friends). These connections will help you maintain your energy and keep your spirits up. If your spouse or partner is encountering difficulties, seek help. Do not try to carry the burden on your own.

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