Craftsman Beau Pridue

2011 died in a car accident in East Timor

Australian Soldier dies in East Timor motor vehicle accident

An Australian member of the International Stabilisation Force (ISF), Craftsman Beau Pridue, has died from injuries sustained in a vehicle accident near the town of Baucau in East Timor, early this morning (15 September, 2011).

A second Australian ISF member was injured in the accident and, following Aero Medical Evacuation, is being treated at an ISF-contracted medical facility in Dili.

The soldiers were travelling in an ISF Unimog vehicle when the accident occurred.

An Aero Medical Team was dispatched to the scene via helicopter and the medical officer confirmed the soldier had died in the accident.

The Chief of the Defence Force, General David Hurley expressed his deepest sympathies.

"Our thoughts are with CFN Pridue’s family and the members of his Battalion who are feeling his loss" General Hurley said.

The Chief of Joint Operations Lieutenant General Power said this incident highlighted the dangers faced by ADF personnel wherever they were deployed.

"This morning's tragic accident has taken the life of another young man serving his nation,” Lieutenant General Power said.

“Our focus at the moment is on supporting CFN Pridue’s family and his injured mate, as well as the wider ISF and Army communities as they deal with this loss.”

The second soldier has minor injuries and his prognosis for recovery is good.

Both soldiers involved in the accident were Army Reservists normally posted to the 8th Combat Services Support Battalion in NSW.

The soldiers’ families have been informed.

An investigation into the accident is now underway.

At the invitation of the Government of Timor-Leste, the International Stabilisation Force (ISF) has been supporting the East Timor security forces to maintain a stable and secure environment.

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