Raz, Army Explosive Detection Dog

2007 killed in Afghanistan

Defence media release

24/09/2007 MSPA 330/07


An Army Explosive Detection Dog (EDD) has been killed and three members of the Special Operations Task Group (SOTG) have been wounded in two improvised explosive device (IED) attacks by Taliban extremists in Oruzgan Province.

During a patrol in southern Afghanistan last week, an SOTG vehicle was hit by an IED, wounding two soldiers. The wounds were assessed as slight.

A spokesman for Defence, Brigadier Andrew Nikolic said the wounded soldiers were provided with first-aid by their fellow soldiers and evacuated to a nearby ISAF hospital for further treatment.

“One of the two soldiers received specialist medical care but due to nature of his injuries is to return to Australia for further treatment,” Brigadier Nikolic said.

The remaining soldier is expected to make a complete recovery and will remain on duty in Afghanistan.

During a later route clearance task an EDD and his handler encountered a second IED. The bomb detonated on discovery, resulting in the slight wounding of the handler and the death of the dog, who was named Razz. The handler continued with his duties.

Defence Spokesperson Brigadier Andrew Nikolic said Razz was a veteran of the 2002 Commonwealth Heads of Government Meeting and the 2006 Melbourne Commonwealth Games. He joined Defence after beginning his career with Customs.

Brigadier Nikolic said the actions of Razz and his fellow EDDs had saved lives.

“Improvised devices placed on public roads are designed to kill and maim people. Razz helped identify where the bomb was placed and sadly paid the ultimate price for his actions.”

The families of all wounded soldiers have been informed of the incident. The soldiers will not be named and further details of the incident will not be provided for operational security reasons.

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