Rehabilitation Appliance Programme (RAP)

The Rehabilitation Appliance Programme (RAP) assists eligible veterans, war widows and widowers, and dependants to be as independent and self reliant as possible. Quality aids and appliances may help minimise the impact of disabilities and assist individuals to care for themselves and to undertake daily activities.

The programme provides safe and appropriate equipment:

  • accoding to assessed clinical need
  • in an efficient and timely manner
  • as a part of your overall health care management

Gold card

If you are a gold card holder, you may be able to obtain aids and appliances where your clinical conditions warrants it.

White card

If you are a white card holder, you may be able to obtai aids and appliances where your clinical conditions warrants it for:

  • an accepted disability
  • malignant cancer, pulmonary tuberculosis, post traumatic stress disorder, anxiety or depression, if DVA has granted treatment benefits for these conditions
    • treatment benefits will be granted if DVA is provided with a confirmed diagnosis from a suitably qualified medical practitioner
    • treatment benefits for these conditions are granted where or not they have been accepted as causally related to eligible VEA service

Note: Veterans from Allied countries are only eligible for treatment of accepted disabilities and will be limited to the arrangements that apply to the supply of equipment or home modifications in their former country.

Your needs must be assessed by:

  • your doctor
  • a health professional, eg. Occupational Therapist

If it is clinically necessary, a prescription is written for the appropriate rehabilitation applicance.

Note: Standard household equipment or normal domestic requirements will not be supplied.

DVA has a fact sheet HSV107 which describes how you can access aids and appliances through RAP.

If you have any questions regarding RAP need assistance click here for 'Help!' or to give us a call

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