Repatriation Private Patient Scheme

The Repatriation Private Patient Scheme (RPPS) provides acute hospital care for veterans or war widows and widowers in local facilities. Under the scheme, you may be admitted directly to a local public hospital, former Repatriation Hospital (RH) or a contracted Private Tier 1 Veteran Partnering (VP) hospital, as a private patient, in a shared ward, with a doctor of your choice.

In short, the RPPS has an order of preference for hospital admissions according to three Tiers:

  • Tier 1 - all public hospitals, all former Repatriation Hospitals and VP private hospitals
  • Tier 2 - contracted non-VP private hospitals
  • Tier 3 - non-contracted private hospitals

Financial responsibility for hospital and medical treatment in a public hospital, a former RH or a VP private hospital is accepted by DVA with no cost to the patient. Should a veteran require hospital care, the treating doctor would be able to arrange treatment for at an appropriate local facility.

Whilst the aim of the RPPS is to use public hospitals, former RHs aor VP private hospitals wherever possible, the scheme also provides a safety net of contracted no-VP private hospitals and day surgery centres.

If an admission to a Tier 1 hospital cannot be arranged within a reasonable time, the treating doctor may obtain financial authorisation from DVA for admission to a Tier 2 private hospital. The decision is made on the grounds of medical need after the circumstances of the individual case have been considered.

In the unlikely event that a bed is not available in a Tier 1 or Tier 2 hospital, authorisation may be given for an admission to a Tier 3 private hopsital.

Gold card

If you are a gold card holder, DVA will pay for treatment in hospital for:

  • all your medical conditions
  • all hospital and medical fees (non-medical expenses, eg. telephone, TV, newspapers and so on, may not be included)

White card

If you are a white card holder, DVA will pay for:

  • all hospital and medical treatment for your war or service-caused accepted disabilities (non-medical expenses, eg. telephone, TV, newspapers and so on, may not be included)
  • treatment for malignant cancer, pulmonary tuberculosis, post traumatic stress disorder, anxiety or depression, if DVA has granted treatment benefits for these conditions
    • treatment benefits will be granted if DVA is provided with a confirmed diagnosis from a suitably qualified medical practitioner
    • treatment benefits for these conditions are granted where or not they have been accepted as causally related to eligible VEA service

If you are a veteran from New Zealand, United Kingdon, Canada or South Africa, your doctor or specialist will need to obtain prior financial authorisation from DVA before admitting you to hospital.

DVA has a fact sheet HSV76 which describes how you can access hospital services under the RPPS.

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