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The Trans-Civ Group provide Career Development Practitioners and Recruitment staff to help Defence members and their families around Australia to find and secure their next career.

History has proven that effective transition to a new career outside the military is obtained quicker and easier through understanding what employers are looking for and how your background meets their needs. Articulating this in the right context is where the challenge is and where Trans-Civ will help you greatly increase your chances of winning the desired job.

Trans-Civ are not generalist recruiters who deal with the general public; they are specialists in Australian Defence career transition and have the appropriate expertise to ensure you get the best possible assistance in your transition to a new career.

Trans-Civ offer you everything from:

  • CV/Resume building services. Developing you a proven CV/Resume (purpose built for employers) and helping you to know how best to use it, to get you to the interview stage
  • Comprehensive career transition services (including proven interview techniques). You will be allocated a Career Development Practitioner who will equip you with the appropriate interviewing skills to sell yourself and win that job (proven 100% success rate of winning a suitable job since January 2008). You will get proven techniques for avoiding mental blanks, workshop how to construct your answers to interview questions to sell yourself, know how to prepare properly (without cramming) and how to handle typical, behavioural and situational interview questions.
  • Job placement. Finding you the right job through our internal Recruitment element
  • Plus a host of other add-ons based on what you need, such as salary negotiation, job search strategies, covering letters, selection criteria, transferable skills with employment options, exploring course options, discuss changes in the labour market, how to dress for success, how to evaluate job offers and understanding the effect of the aging workforce

This provides a professional, valuable and effective conduit between Industry and Defence. Your end-to-end recruitment solution.

Trans-Civ is the leading provider of career transition services to people with military service in Australia.

They supply personnel to the wider Defence community, including Defence Industry, Australian Public Service (APS) and to employers who recognise the value of a military background.

The founders of Trans-Civ are all ex-military and as such have an excellent understanding of the entire career transition process. Their Career Development Practitioners have extensive transition experience. Their team includes Career Development Association of Australia (CDAA) accredited Practitioners and we are a Corporate Member of the CDAA. Their specialist recruitment staff offer comprehensive support to complement the transition process to a new career and specialise in services aligned to the Defence Career Transition Assistance Scheme. They have over 200 years of tri-service experience and knowledge.


Their CVs/Resumes are designed in conjunction with regular feedback from employers. This consultative approach is just one of the reasons Trans-Civ has such a high success rate of getting interviews with these CVs/Resumes. This is reinforced by their testimonials.

Career Coaching Programs

Hundreds of people have experienced our tailored Career Coaching programs and subsequently gained satisfying employment. These programs have been specifically designed for ex-Defence members or those transitioning from Defence. That is why Trans-Civ has an enviable 100% success rate in all participants gaining suitable employment since January 2008. Yes, even during the Global Financial Crisis.


Competition for employment across private and public sectors intensifies as the population ages and young and astute job seekers enter the job market. To address this challenge and ensure their customers are highly competitive, Trans-Civ have strengthened relations with hundreds of employers and quality providers who appreciate the unique and diverse capabilities ex-Defence employees have to offer their industry and sector. This initiative ensures that all their customers receive the respect and attention they deserve whilst seeking employment suited to their lifestyle, capabilities and aspirations.


All of Trans-Civ services are constantly reviewed and updated to ensure hey provide the very best value for money. The majority of ex-Defence customers receive our services free of charge, as they have access to funding through a number of sources to assist your successful transition. Their goal is to offer a free service to all Defence members.

So call Trans-Civ now on 1300 366104 or click here to visit their website to see how they can help you. One call could change your life for the better.

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