Able Seaman Jay Wilkie

2010 died in Darwin

Defence media release
24/09/2010 MSPA 454/10

Statement on behalf of the family of Able Seaman Jay Wilkie

The following statement has been released at the request of the family of Able Seaman Jay Willkie who died while embarked in HMAS Launceston in Darwin on Tuesday 14 September.

“Jay had two families – ours and his extended family in the Navy. The Navy was entrusted with Jay’s life when he joined up and they took him on as one of their own, nothing but the best as we have clearly seen over the years. His mates will be suffering as we are suffering and our hearts go out to them, together with our appreciation and thanks that we could celebrate Jay’s life together.

The Navy has gone extra steps and has walked the long hard mile for Jay by helping his mates from Cairns to attend the funeral, accommodating them, counselling their grief, giving Jay the highest honour of the Australian White Ensign as his funeral pall and a military salute after the service. For us, Jay’s family, the Navy has offered their unwavering support from the time we were notified of Jay’s death. The support from Navy, their Padre Dan Hynes and the Australian Defence Force, has allowed us time to grieve and remember Jay for the wonderful person he was, and we can’t thank them enough.

Our friends have been standing alongside our family, quietly offering their Prayers, love, support, understanding and compassion – we hope they understand how deeply we appreciate that.

We would like to also thank the good people of the Bible Chapel for everything they have done, their unconditional love and their offerings of good tidings; they are also our family in Christ.

And our new family, Des Allen, who took care of Jay when he came home on Saturday night; Jay was always beautiful when we visited him.

While we said goodbye to Jay today, he has not gone and will never leave us, as he will live on in the wonderful memories we have of 28 incredible years sharing the life and love of a man we are proud to call a son and a brother. He has fulfilled his purpose.”

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