Young Diggers provides services and programs to assist those who serve and have served in the Australian Defence Force, First Responders and Custodial Correctional Officers.

We support veterans diagnosed PTSD, Depression, Anxiety and Suicide Ideation through the use of Assistance Dogs. Young Diggers Dog Squad supports the veteran through participation and socialisation with the Assistance Dog as the rehabilitation aid.

It's About You

Young Diggers Mission Statement is to help provide independence and self-esteem through improving health and relationship for Veterans and First Responders through the use of Assistance Dogs.

It is important to recognise you are and always will be a valued member of our community, irrespective of your injuries or experiences you have endured.

We are completely committed to providing help and advice relating to the Australian Dog programs we have established. In the past Young Diggers was like many of the other Veteran centric ESO's within Australia; assisting with advocacy and welfare etc. however, it was determined that our speciality is our Young Digger 'Dog Squad' - therefore, this is now our sole focus.

You Are Not Alone

We are committed to lifelong relationships with our Dog Squad participants who may need ongoing support and Assistance Dogs for the rest of their lives.

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